What is Belotero®?

BELOTERO® offers a comprehensive range of hyaluronic acid fillers that deliver predictable and natural-looking results1 which responds to the individual needs of each patient. Take a closer look at the BELOTERO® brand and its entire product range to discover the right treatment for your patient’s needs.

Why Belotero®?

The BELOTERO® portfolio has seven products that can be used in combination for facial rejuvenation. Each product has its own characteristics and intended use.

The BELOTERO® range is versatile enough to address multiple areas of concern including lip volumisation, softening fine lines, smoothing contours and restoring structure.

Some of the benefits of BELOTERO® are:

  • Natural-looking results1
  • Predictable and harmonious results for high patient satisfaction and trust2
  • Established safety profile3

Mode Of Action

The BELOTERO® difference is the combination of Cohesive Polydensified Matrix® (CPM®) technology for a lasting effect into the skin, while respecting facial movement and natural-looking results.4

BELOTERO®’s specific manufacturing process known as CPM® technology, results in different densities of HA, creating a combination of high and low-density zones. This allows the gel to ‘mimic’ tissue behaviour, to ensure optimal integration of the gel into the surrounding tissue. For you, this means that BELOTERO® integrates seamlessly into your skin and stays intact for lasting effect.4


BELOTERO® Volume Instructions for Use (IFU) 2020. BELOTERO® Balance Instructions for Use (IFU) 2020. BELOTERO® Intense for Use (IFU) 2020. BELOTERO® Soft Instructions for Use (IFU) 2020. BELOTERO® Lips Shape for Use (IFU) 2020. BELOTERO® Lips Contour for Use (IFU) 2020. BELOTERO® Revive for Use (IFU) 2019.

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