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At Merz Aesthetics, we are unapologetically us. And we’re confident in what we can do together. We take pride in what makes us unique; our products, our drive to support the growth of our customers, and our commitment to Advancing Medicine in Aesthetics.

As a Merz Aesthetics employee, we’re part of a team that comes to work every day full of excitement for today and the future that we are building together. Our focus and commitment to each other and those we support drive us to invest in people and to give back to our communities.

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Ana Sykes

Andrew Fairclough

Andrew Targett

Angela Sanderson

Ben O'Reilly

Bernie Lloyd

Bernie Lloyd

Deb Ludlow

Fahima Begum

Gillian Kennedy

Hope Lindsay

Janis Quane

Janis Quane

Joe Hattab

John Nicholas

Joss Fawcett

Laura Howard-Hall

Louise Miller

Lucy Dowling

Lucy Dowling

Luke Holloway

Maria Rodrigues

Maria Rodrigues

Miles Tucker

Naheed Khawaja

Naheed Khawaja

Nayha Aulakh

Patricia Ramos

Ross Tucker

Sean O'Reilly

Thalia Plumb


We believe the unique qualities and experiences of each team member drives us forward collectively. Want to be a part of it?

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