Let your true self shine through

Patients today don’t want a filler that ‘owns’ them; they want a filler that naturally integrates into their tissue, so that they can retain their identity and express their emotions with confidence.

Thanks to the Belotero® portfolio of fillers, it’s possible to tailor a personal treatment protocol for every patient, so that they can feel empowered, own their age and own their beauty.

  • Product Profile

    Natural Looking Results

    Belotero® is a family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with natural tissue integration, enabling your aesthetic practitioner to create subtle, smooth results while respecting the natural contours of your face1. It is a tailored portfolio that can be used to fill wrinkles, restore facial volume and hydrate skin in an holistic approach that respects your individuality2,3,4,5.

  • Mode Of Action

    The Belotero® difference is the combination of Cohesive Polydensified Matrix® (CPM®) technology for natural integration, and specific rheological properties for 3-D flow1,6,7.

    Belotero’s specific manufacturing process known as CPM® technology, results in different densities of HA, creating a combination of high and low density zones. This allows the gel to ‘mimic’ tissue behaviour, to ensure optimal integration of the gel into the surrounding tissue8. For patients this means that Belotero® integrates seamlessly into skin tissue and stays intact for lasting effect6

    Each product within the Belotero® range has been tailored with specific rheological properties, to achieve different outcomes in various tissue layers and areas of the face. COHESIVITY: enables optimal tissue integration and even distribution. ELASTICITY: gives optimal tissue support while respecting the natural mobility of the face. PLASTICITY: allows malleability (model and shape) of the gel, while respecting the anatomical specificities of each patient.

  • The Belotero® Range and Treatment Areas

    A Tailored Treatment Experience

    The Belotero® family of fillers is a complete and tailored portfolio that can be used to fill wrinkles, restore facial volume and hydrate skin in an holistic approach that respects your individuality.

More information

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