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The Cellfina® Difference

Cellfina® is the only EU CE-marked2 and US FDA-cleared3 minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to treat the structural cause of cellulite with results that last up to three years4.

  • Product Profile

    Here's how it works

    Cellfina® combines highly advanced, proprietary technology with a well-established procedure called Subcision®6 to treat the structural cause of cellulite. This innovative solution is an effective and well-tolerated method to treat cellulite with precise and reproducible results in just one treatment1.

    Before & After Cellfina®

    The Cellfina® System smooths dimpled areas of the skin caused by cellulite.

  • Results

    Patient Satisfaction Rate Is High With Cellfina®

    Lasting results — Results last up to three years4.

    Compelling improvements — After three years, patients maintained an average improvement of 2 points on the Cellulite Severity Scale (0-5 point scale) as determined by independent physician assessment4.

    Meaningful and rapid improvement with just a single treatment

    Actual Cellfina® Patient of Coleman Center for Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery
    28-year-old female treated for cellulite on buttocks.

    Actual Cellfina® Patient of Maryland Laser, Skin and Vein Institute, Hunt Valley, MD
    49-year-old female treated for cellulite on buttocks.

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information for United Kingdom can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard. Reporting forms and information for Republic of Ireland can be found at https://www.hpra.ie/homepage/about-us/report-an-issue/mdiur. Adverse events should also be reported to Merz Pharma UK Ltd at the address above or by email to UKdrugsafety@merz.com or on +44 (0) 333 200 4143.


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