RADIESSE+ is uniquely formulated with calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel, plus added lidocaine for your patients comfort1. Treatment activates the body’s own skin rejuvenation power to achieve long-lasting, natural-looking results
and a youthful, refreshed appearance1,2

A semi-permanent dermal filler intended for deep dermal and sub-dermal soft
tissue augmentation of the facial area and dorsum of the hands1.


Radiesse pack.
RADIESSE Triple Effect

Vertical lifting and immediate enhancement1,3

Defined contours of lower face and jawline1,4

Long-term skin rejuvenation with collagen and elastin2


20+ years of scientific and clinical experience with a well-established safety profile1,5

220+ peer-reviewed publications6

15 million+ syringes sold worldwide since 20057

98% patient satisfaction rate 8

– Results lasting 12 to 18 months9

2023 New Beauty award for Best Filler for Hand Rejuvenation

15 million syringes shipped.
2023 Newbeauty Award Winner.
Rasiesse Mode of Action.

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